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Dead Balls

Dead Balls

Using a Dead Ball is often recognized as being a more difficult and intense exercise than using traditional Medicine Balls. Use of a Dead Ball requires full body movement from the 'pick -up' phase to the 'slam' phase - thereby incorporating everything from the legs and lower back, to shoulders and triceps.

Our zero bounce, black rubber Dead Balls feature a 'tyre tread' grip and range from 2kg to 35kg.

Our primitive ancestors used heavy rocks to hunt and forage. They would pick up heavy rocks and slam them to crack open the hard shells of crustaceans and break the thick shells of nuts. This is said to be one of the first natural advantages that allowed them to thrive and to eventually evolve into the primitive modern-day human. Nowadays this primal movement has become a staple in functional strength and conditioning training.

A great way to take out some aggression and release your inner monkey (or gorilla). Get your slam on today!

To prolong the life of your Dead Ball, we recommend using on a non-abrasive surface and avoid slamming onto their valve.

3 month Warranty.

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