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20kg Olympic Barbell - with centre knurl

20kg Olympic Barbell - with centre knurl

A precision engineered 220cm long, 20kg Olympic barbell featuring a fine knurl and black nitride shaft. A knurled mid section provides grip in the middle of a barbell, essential for a heavy back squat or good mornings.

A varity of bearing and sleeve options are available to suit all uses and preferences.

Please note - if your preference is spending a lot of time in the front rack position, opt for a bar without centre knurl.

Proudly 100% Australian made.

Bearing Options:

Bronze bushing bars- a virtually bullet proof, all round option ideal for Olympic lifters, crossfitters and general gym use. Fail free bronze bushings provide ample rotation whilst offering durabilty for general lifting use.

Needle roller bearings bars - best suited for seasoned Olympic lifters who appreciate the niceties of a high end barbell. Look after this bar and enjoy the free spinning smoothness these bearings offer.

Sleeve options:

Black nitride - a durable heat treatment process involving the diffusion of nitrogen into the surface of the barbell creating a case-hardened surface. Unlike cheaper finishes such as chrome or black hard-chrome, black nitride is a surface treatment. It simply won't crack, flake or peel. It provides a durable, fault free protective finish to the barbell.

Stainless steel: primarily an aesthetic choice, the polished stainless steel sleeves are our premium option, setting the bar apart from its black nitride siblings.

*(inc GST)

Bronze Bushing, B/N Sleeve


Bronze Bushing, Stainless Slve


Needle Bearing, B/N Sleeve


Needle Bearing, Stainless Slv


 Product Codes: ( BO220-BN / BO220-SS / BO220NM-BN / BO220NM-SS )

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