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Olympic Rickshaw Barbell

Olympic Rickshaw Barbell

Like a trap bar, but different

Trap Bars have been a favourite training tool for deadlifts for years. They allow the load to be in line with your body, as opposed to in front of it as with a straight-shaft Olympic barbell. The handles also allow the lift to be done with a neutral grip, which is more forgiving on the spine.

By taking out one side of a normal trap bar, the normal functionality is kept while opening up a world on new exercises. Shrugs, farmers walks and Bulgarian squats as well as many others now become possible. Finished in mat black with two handle heights, add one of these to your training regeime.


  • Barbell Weight - 27kgs
  • Maxiimum loading capacity - 250kg
  • Suitable for use with Olympic plates.

Refer to the dimensions diagram in the product images for all measurements.


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$440.00(inc GST)



 Product Code: BOI-RICKSHAW

Category: Specialty Bars

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