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Olympic Trap / Hex Barbell

Olympic Trap / Hex Barbell

With dual handle heights, ample plate loading space and generous space between the handles, our Hex Trap barbell is a great option for any lifter.

The Trap bar deadlift is widely regarded as one of the best lifts for athletic development. A hybrid of the squat and the conventional deadlift, the Trap bar deadlift is both knee and back friendly when performed correctly.

Features and Specs

  • 24kg weight
  • 181cm overall length
  • 45cm plate loading space each end
  • Dual handle design provides two lifting height options
  • 60cm optomized spacing between handles
  • 50mm diametre sleeves to suit Olympic plates
  • 25mm diametre knurled handles
  • Chrome finish with comfortable knurl
  • Alternate uses include presses, farmers walk, rowing and shrugs

$258.50(inc GST)



 Product Code: BOI-TRAP

Category: Specialty Bars

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