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220cm Power Bar

220cm Power Bar

If you're a serious power lifter this bar is for you.

The go to bar for the big three lifts.

A precision engineered 220cm, 29mm diametre, 20kg Power bar flaunts a durable premium black nitride finish.

Featuring a knurled mid section for added bar security on the back and an aggressively knurled shaft for enhanced grip with two knurl options available.

Complete with IPF markings at 32 inches, fail free bronze bushings and a high tensile strength with a 500kg maximum load rating.

Proudly Australian Made.

Knurling options:

Coarse knurl - our original Powerbar knurl pattern, this is not for the feint hearted or uncalloused hands. This knurl pattern was designed for uncompromising grip and it delivers accordingly.

Deep-fine knurl - a more refined Powerbar knurl for the less savage lifter who still demands elite grip levels. This tighter knurl pattern spreads the grip across a larger area giving it a less "bitey" feel.

Sleeve options:

Black nitride - a durable heat treatment process involving the diffusion of nitrogen into the surface of the barbell creating a case-hardened surface. Unlike cheaper finishes such as chrome or black hard-chrome, black nitride is a surface treatment. It simply won't crack, flake or peel. It provides a durable, fault free protective finish to the barbell.

Stainless steel - primarily an aesthetic choice, the polished stainless steel sleeves are our premium option, setting the bar apart from its black nitride siblings.

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Deep-fine knurl, B/N Sleeve


Deep-fine knurl, S/S Sleeve


Coarse knurl, B/N Sleeve


Coarse knurl, S/S Sleeve


 Product Codes: ( BOP220DF-BN / BOP220DF-SS / BOP220-BN / BOP220-SS )

Category: Olympic Bars

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