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Axle / Fat Bar

Axle / Fat Bar


Made right here in Melbourne, this precision engineered 201cm long, 48.3mm diametre Axle / Fat bar is the latest addition to our Specialty Barbell range.

Finished with a durable black nitride treatment, this bar features a precision knurled grip, whilst leaving the mid section bare for improved comfort during use in the front rack position.

The Axle Bar is the Strongman's go-to tool for building killer grip and a montrous press or dead lift. The oversized 43.3mm diametre grip will stimulate muscle hypertrophy in the users hands, wrists, and elbows. The abscense of rotating sleeves and a rigid solid design will impose new and challenging ways to train when deadlifting and pressing.

Test your grip and save your shoulders and wrists wth this classic strongman bar.


  • 2080mm overall length
  • 48.3mm diametre
  • 370mm plate loading space
  • 12.5kg weight
  • Premium black nitride finish - far superior finish to alternate powder coated options
  • Knurled grip with bare mid section for comfort
  • Machined from extra heavy duty commercial grade pipe


Note:  Orders will be dispatched in full.  Split or part shipments are not available.  If pre-ordered items are included, the order will be held and dispatched when all products are available.

$200.00(inc GST)



 Product Code: BO-AXLE

Category: Specialty Bars

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