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Olympic Safety Squat Barbell

Olympic Safety Squat Barbell

Living up to its name, the Olympic Safety Squat barbell provides a safer option for all squatting movements in the training regime including posterior & anterior loading. This 27kg specialty barbell is designed to dramatically decrease stress placed on the upper body, vertebrae, shoulders, elbows, and wrists when squatting.

The cambered design features a padded section which comfortably hugs the neck whilst two handles extend over the shoulders. This profile allows the user to support the barbell with a neutral grip and removes the requirement to externally rotate the shoulders as is the case with a traditional straight bar. The perfect design for users suffering shoulder, back, arm or wrist injuries whilst still desiring comfort and the ability to increase lifting limits.


  • Weight - 27kg
  • Dimesions - 220 x 60 x 9cm
  • Chrome finish
  • 3 quality foam pads for additional comfort

Item out of stock. New stock expected mid July 2020

$255.00(inc GST)



 Product Code: BO-SAFE

Category: Specialty Bars

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