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Powergrip Cable Attachments

Powergrip Cable Attachments


Take your cable training to the next level

Target your back muscles like never before with these amazing Powergrip cable attachments.

Comprised of 5 different attachments, the range offers the choice of either a neutral, pronate or supinate grip. They allow stability and control over lifts and reduce hand, wrist and forearm fatigue. Manufactured from heavy duty steel with a slip resistant finish, making them suitable for even the heaviest workout.

They can be purchased individually or as set, so there's no excuse not to improve triceps, back, and shoulder muscles. Add these to your training and you won't look back (while you might to look at your back muscles- but you know what we mean).

Current Operations: 

  • General dispatch timeframes are 2-4 days from order confirmation 
  • Australian made Racking, Storage, Rigs & Racks and custom products may incur lead times of 2-4 weeks. Please contact for accurate lead times on the specific items you are interested in.
  • We may dispatch your order on an alternate freight carrier than you have selected to provide the fastest service possible.

*Custom Colours:

Where custom colour options are offered on racking and storage, Minimum Order Quantities apply. Please request a quotation when you have added the items to your shopping cart or contact our friendly Sales Team (03 9580 5945 or

Please note - Orders will be dispatched in full.  Split or part shipments are not available.  If pre-ordered items are included, the order will be held and dispatched when all products are available.

*(inc GST)

Close Grip Pronate


Neutral Close Grip Supinate


Extra Wide Grip


Neutral Mid Grip


Neutral Wide Grip


Set of 5 Powergrip Cable


 Product Codes: ( CMA-CGP / CMA-CGS / CMA-EW / CMA-NM / CMA-NW / CMA-SET )

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