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Core Trainer - Free Standing

Core Trainer - Free Standing


The Core Trainer, also known as the Torso trainer or Torsinator, is a dynamic and effective training tool. As the name suggests, its primary use is for the training of core and trunk muscle. As many trainers will tell you, this dynamic tool can also be effectivly used for an array of rowing and pressing movements.

Rotational and twisting training movements utilizing the Core Trainer are an excellent functional exercise that will help increase strength and power for physical performance and can aid to improve stability and mobility needed for better support for everyday activities.

Our Core Trainer is designed to fit conveniently into most 20-25kg Olympic Bumper Plates. Insert the barbell into the Core Trainer sleeve and you're good to go!

A versitile, mobile & economical tool suitable for all fitness facilities.

$88.00(inc GST)



 Product Code: CT-FS

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