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Powerband - looped latex 104cm/41"

Powerband - looped latex 104cm/41"

Note: 5cm Blue, 6cm Purple & 8cm Black powerbands currently out of stock. New stock expected approx late April / early May

Made from the highest quality latex available, these bands are ultra flexable. Seem-free layered latex ensures a linear delivery of tension when stretched and superior strength - with no weak points.User warning - Powerbands are made of layered latex - latex sensitive people must not expose their skin to ourlatex Powerbands.

The Long Powerband is possibly the most versatile piece of fitness equipment of modern times, and Latex Loop technology has made it even more durable. Small and light enough to take anywhere, these bands can be used to scale up or down virtually any body weight, resistance or weighted exercise. Used correctly the Long Powerbands can greatly increase power development through all movements planes.

104cm Powerband resistance specifications;

0.6cmPink2 - 11kg
1.5cmYellow2.3 - 15.8kg
2cmOrange4.5 - 22kg
3cmRed11.3 - 36kg
5cmBlue22.7 - 54.4kg
6cmPurple27 - 68kg
8cmBlack36 - 90kg


Recommended uses include;

  • Group classes
  • Bootcamps
  • Powerlifters
  • Crossfitters
  • Field athletes
  • Travellers
  • Rehab / Prehab

*(inc GST)

0.6cm. Pink


1.5cm. Yellow


2cm. Orange


3cm. Red


5cm. Blue


6cm. Purple


8cm. Black


 Product Codes: ( LLPB-0.6 / LLPB-1.5 / LLPB-2 / LLPB-3 / LLPB-5 / LLPB-6 / LLPB-8 )

Category: Bands & Tubes

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